You Need a Digital Detox

Are you spending too much time looking at a screen? Probably. One of the primary reasons that I started reading more was to reduce the amount of time I spent drooling through endless, mediocre titles on Netflix night after night. I spent all day at work answering e-mail, then cam home to watch movies. AtContinue reading “You Need a Digital Detox”

Flipbooks are Magic!

This post is about writing – which I will get to – but I will start by talking about flipbooks. Most of you have probably made a flipbook at one time or another. You take a notepad and draw a picture on the first page. On the second page you draw a similar picture, butContinue reading “Flipbooks are Magic!”

New Packaging – the best yet

This is exciting news… (at least for us). We have been working with Duke Packaging to create a new custom package, and we just got them in today! This new package features a die cut window on the front and a diagram of your brain on the back. The window allows you to easily seeContinue reading “New Packaging – the best yet”

Diet and Brain Function

If you enjoy food, brains, and lots of acronyms for various neuromodulating protein complexes then you will love this article. Actually, the thing that I like most about this article is that it condenses several complex studies of brain function into a few paragraphs that are relatively easy to understand. There are links included toContinue reading “Diet and Brain Function”

This Is Your Brain on Jane Austen: The Neuroscience of Reading Great Literature

I found this article and the cited research from Michigan State University very informative. It addresses different areas of activation within the brain during reading for pleasure, and reading technical information. It also mentions the principle of “cognitive training”, in this case being able to shift focus effectively and completely between various items or tasks.Continue reading “This Is Your Brain on Jane Austen: The Neuroscience of Reading Great Literature”

Watching Television vs Reading a Book

This article from the website Medical Daily compares brain function and development while watching television or while reading books. There are references and descriptions of several studies conducted within the last few years that focus on various measurements of brain development and cognitive function in each scenario. Can you guess which activity is better for your brain?Continue reading “Watching Television vs Reading a Book”

Walking and Circles

  I read two new articles on a “knowledge forum” website called  Big Think. These both feature a simple and meaningful breakdown of very intriguing research that has been conducted related to brain-function, habit, and thought process. The first article presents research to suggest that the act of walking can stimulate brain function specifically relatedContinue reading “Walking and Circles”

What is a Tactile Mechanoreceptor?

Mechanoreceptor Diagram There are so many articles and studies about tactile perception… and so few that are simple enough to actually understand! This article is pretty cerebral – but there is a very interesting diagram from the article. As it turns out, there is a lot going on inside our fingertips! NCBI – Tactile Mechanoreceptors  Continue reading “What is a Tactile Mechanoreceptor?”