The Best Book I’ve read in 2018

I asked this question earlier today on instagram, and as always the community had a lot to say. There were so many readers who chimes in to answer this question, which can sometimes be a difficult decision to make. There were a few familiar titles, some that I have been wanting to read, and even a few that I haven’t heard of before. Take a look:

We take our Read a Thons seriously

Getting kids excited about reading books can be a challenge. There are more things than ever that compete for our attention, and some parents struggle to get their children to read a book. One of the things that works well in my house is… essentially bribery. We load up on treats, we find a stack of books, and we pull out every blanket that we own to build “nests” for the kids. They love it!

Our kids are pretty young still: six, four, two, so they are fairly easy to bribe and manipulate. Do you have any tricks to help young children, or older kids to spend time with books?

Books – a great, free source of entertainment

I came across a nice little info graphic on the web that illustrates some of the advantages of reading books.

And all of these are true, or at least they “might be” true. There is one that I can’t relate to personally. (See below). I can never seem to get out of a bookstore without dropping twenty or thirty bucks! Ha.

Friday Black book review

I bought this book at a signing in Boston last week. The author Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah read a selection and gave some thoughts on his experience as a new writer. The book is a collection of short stories with deep, impactful themes but told in digestible and entertaining settings. These stories each mix an aspect of fantasy or surrealism with a message that we can relate to today. These stories are significant and meaningful, but easy to read and hard to forget. I blew through the book in less than a week.

Plus the colors are just right for fall. Ha!

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

I had a chance to hear this hot new author read from and sign his new book Friday Black at Harvard Bookstore in Boston.

This writer is exactly the type of person that you truly want to find great success. While the subjects of many of his short stories are dark and foreboding Adjei-Brenyah was upbeat and funny during his discussion of the writing process and while answering questions from the audience.

I have had a chance to read the first 100 pages of his book Friday Black and I am finding it very enthralling. These stories each have a definite edge, and some even have aspects of fantasy or science fiction, but they are each relevant and meaningful for the modern day.

Read Friday Black, and if you have a chance to see Adjei-Brendan in person, don’t miss it.

Cold Weather Cometh

Summer is finally and most definitely over. We had our first snow in the mountains of Utah this past week. We are preparing ourselves mentally for significantly less sunshine for the next six months… but it’s not all bad:

Hot tea and a good book. Although I just can’t seem to get into this particular book. Oh well, there are plenty more on my shelves to take its place.

A Boat-Load of Bookmarks!!!

We just finished our most recent big order of bookmarks, over one thousand of this beautiful Pink Flower style.

Now we just have to package them up and send them out. We have a lot in stock right now, so if you like this style, now is the time to jump on these. I can get some out to you by the next day!

Stephen Florida; Gabe Habash

Author Gabe Habash’s use of words in his novel Stephen Florida will make you say- “Damn. I wish I could write like that!” I am about 100 pages into this story of a collegiate wrestler who learns about the world off the wrestling mat that he has been missing out on.

Habash creates a novel with a well-paced plot, interesting characters, and meaningful asides that make the book exciting to read. He has created a work that you don’t want to put down as he moves intermittently from descriptions of raw, brutal strength to precious young love, to deep seeded psychological fear.

Check on our site in a few more days for the full review.

Italic Bookmarks at Product Powerup 2018

Thursday and Friday were well spent at the second installment of Product Powerup in Salt Lake City. This was the second year for this exciting and informative event. Guests of honor included Mitt Romney and several representatives of the HSN/QVC shopping network.

Italic Bookmarks was invited to display and sell our unique products at the event. It was a great opportunity to interface with customers and many entrepreneurs with very interesting ideas for the products and the business as a whole.

Teaching children to love books

When our youngest child (almost 2 years old) was silent for an extended period of time, I decided to see what he was up to. I discovered that he had pulled all of the children’s books off of the shelf once again. He does this regularly, but I was happy to see that he was actually looking at one of the books.

Our older boy Jack has been reading longer chapter books since early last year, right after he started kindergarten. We are amazed by how much he reads, and he really seems to enjoy it.

We read to him and we have always encouraged him to like books but we aren’t certain exactly what made him become so obsessed with reading.

The only thing that we have actively done is tried to let each of our children see us reading and carrying around books. It’s kind of a passive attempt to convince them that books are special. They copy so many of our bad habits without us realizing it, so we thought maybe they would pick up one of our good habits in the same way. It seems to have worked.

What do you do to promote reading and a love of books in the children that you know? We would love to hear any tips that you can share.