Italic Bookmarks – tactile bookmarks

These unique tactile bookmarks will improve your reading experience. Just hold or touch the bookmark while you read to feel the pronounced texture. This activates additional areas within your brain that overlap with the portion that you normally use while reading.  You will be able to focus more on your book and avoid distractions. Many users even report feeling more involved or immersed in the story that they are reading. You can learn more about the neuroscience through this site, but the best way to experience the effect is to try one for yourself.

To learn more about the science behind these bookmarks, click here.

Find the style you like best below and order one today (free shipping included). You can also select one of our discounted book club packs to share with friends! If you want to mix and match styles for any of the book club bundles, just let us know.

Due to high demand, our previous designs are SOLD OUT.

We have two new designs (the best yet) that are currently in production. You can see a preview of the new designs below. We are optimistic that these will be ready to order within the next two weeks and available for delivery prior to Christmas, but we cannot promise that at this time. If you would like updates when these designs are available, leave your contact information in the form below (we will not send SPAM, just the updates)::

We will also keep everyone updated through our Instagram page: @italicbookmarks