Colson Whitehead Book Club

The goal: Read every book by Colson Whitehead by the end of the year (2019).

The twist: No particular order to this particular book club. Read any of his books during any month. Choose the books you want to read, go at your own pace, don’t stress about keeping to a schedule or missing a deadline.

The reason: Colson Whitehead is the James Baldwin of our time. Writing on race, social injustice, and a multitude of other issues. Trading eloquence for directness. Delivering a slap to the face and pointing a finger at inequality and hate.

We are privileged to have a transcendent contemporary writer who has received both critical and popular recognition. Whitehead continues to explore and expand the impact of powerfully written books. If you have only read The Underground Railroad, there is so much more for you to experience.

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Let’s get to the books:

 colsonwhitehead books

Here they are in no particular order:

The BIG Decision: Which one are you going to read first ????

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