What’s so special about Italic Bookmarks?

Pronounced Texture + Your Brain = Magic (a.k.a. Neuroscience)

These unique neuroscience bookmarks will improve your reading experience. Just hold or touch the bookmark while you read to feel the pronounced texture. This activates additional areas within your brain that overlap with the portion that you normally use while reading. You will be able to focus more on your book and avoid distractions. Many users even report feeling more involved or immersed in the story that they are reading. You can learn more about the neuroscience through this site, but the best way to experience the effect is to try one for yourself.


More brains:

brain scan mriMost people will only ever see one of these MRI scans if there is a problem… but scientists have been using them more frequently over the last twenty years to study normal brain function and structure as well.

Here is a colorful diagram that illustrates some of the better understood areas of the brain and the associated functions:


Mechanoreceptor Diagram

There are so many articles and studies about tactile perception… and so few that are simple enough to actually understand!

This article is pretty cerebral – but there is a very interesting diagram from the article. As it turns out, there is a lot going on inside our fingertips!

NCBI – Tactile Mechanoreceptors

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