The Northern Reach – W.S. Winslow

I received an advance copy of The Northern Reach from @flatiron_books And I loved it! Author W.S. Winslow shares a series of stories set in coastal Maine and spanning about a century. This collection portrays several memorable characters and their love, loss, courage, and failures. The writing is rich and wonderful. Several passages seemed to open a door that I could step through and find myself on the coast in the 1930’s or 50’s or more recent decades.
My favorite story in this collection is Starvation Diet which introduces us to Lilliane, a young woman who left her home in France to marry and move to Maine. She loses her husband and finds herself a young widow and mother of two young children. She must find strength to face the cold, dark months of winter in Maine on her own.
Order a copy of The Northern Reach by W.S. Winslow now. Publication date: March 2021

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