The Dead are Arising – Les Payne and Tamara Payne

The Dead are Arising – Les Payne + Tamara Payne; Winner of the National Book Award for non-fiction.
Arising gives a comprehensive view of the life of a dynamic, driven, divisive historical figure – Malcolm X. The book tells a story that spans from before Malcolm Little was born to immediately after his death. Autobiography was one of my favorite books of nonfiction and this book complemented it superbly. Arising gives an even account of the life Malcolm led before his introduction to Black Islam, his efforts in promoting that faith, his falling away, and his relentless efforts to rebuke the system of oppression that he lived in.
A few thoughts that occurred while reading this biography:
It may be easy to dismiss the faith of certain groups with beliefs different than ours, but those beliefs may not be inherently less plausible than the cornerstones of our own faith.
This figure with an imperfect, even criminal past dedicated himself to a specific cause and worked diligently to be heard and to make a difference. Through his boldness he became an icon.
When Malcolm learned specific troubling facts regarding the founder and foundations of the Nation of Islam, he moved away from the religion he had dedicated so many years of his short life to promoting. Rather than continue in that path, he made a fundamental change in his approach to both equality for black Americans and faith.
He was shot and killed on a stage right in front of his family. Only one of the five men directly involved in his murder was imprisoned. Significant evidence and accounts suggest that there was government involvement in his death and lack of prosecution of the responsible individuals. Luckily that kind of thing only happened back in the sixties and not now. 🤫🤫🤫.
The Dead are Arising is a great resource of carefully researched facts, first hand accounts, and historical documents, compiled to give a full view of the man that became an American icon.

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