You Need a Digital Detox

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Are you spending too much time looking at a screen? Probably.

One of the primary reasons that I started reading more was to reduce the amount of time I spent drooling through endless, mediocre titles on Netflix night after night. I spent all day at work answering e-mail, then cam home to watch movies. At the end of each day, I would fall asleep while checking Facebook, Insta, Tweetchat, Snapsizzle, etc.

Now I love books. I love having something that I can hold, and bend (to some degree), something solid with a defined texture and unique smell. Books are a great escape from the screens that rule us from day to day.

Digital Detox is a movement that has been gaining in popularity over the last several years. The idea is to set limits for yourself regarding the amount of time that you use your devices each day, and to take frequent opportunities to “unplug” completely.

The benefits reported include increased engagement with the people around you, better decision-making, and increased motivation. Participants have even reported better eating habits and an increased sense of purpose. Amazing!

I found an article on Forbes that explains some of the additional reasons that people have chosen to dedicate some amount of time to pursuits other than “browsing”. You will enjoy it:

Why You Need a Digital Detox

I even discovered that there are multiple companies dedicated to designing “retreats” for those who need additional help or motivation in their attempts to disconnect. The site provides many options and services. I particularly liked the statistics that they gathered regarding our use of digital devices and services:

Digital Detox Manifesto

While there are many solutions for solving the “digital dilemma” that is detracting from our attention spans, here is one that you can try whenever you like – leave your phone/tablet/laptop at your work one day and spend the entire evening with your family, friends, pets, etc. If you miss out on anything important, just say that you “forgot” your device. Oops! I am certain that you won’t regret it. Let me know how it goes.

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