What is a Tactile Mechanoreceptor?

Mechanoreceptor Diagram There are so many articles and studies about tactile perception… and so few that are simple enough to actually understand! This article is pretty cerebral – but there is a very interesting diagram from the article. As it turns out, there is a lot going on inside our fingertips! NCBI – Tactile Mechanoreceptors  Continue reading “What is a Tactile Mechanoreceptor?”

The Bandwidth of Tactile Perception

This is a great resource that explains the various types of receptors, transmitters, sensor, processors that are all associated with our magnificent sense of touch. Each time you touch something, or feel a sensation on your skin, there is a lot more going on than you might realize. I found this site very helpful in better understandingContinue reading “The Bandwidth of Tactile Perception”

The fabric of thought: priming tactile properties during reading

I thought this article/study was fascinating because it is essentially the inverse effect of what you will experience when using Italic Bookmarks. Italic Bookmarks can enhance the reading experience by involving tactile (touch) sensation, this study indicates that tactile sensation can be enhanced by reading… in both cases it demonstrates how reading and our senses are closely related. This study hasContinue reading “The fabric of thought: priming tactile properties during reading”