The fabric of thought: priming tactile properties during reading

I thought this article/study was fascinating because it is essentially the inverse effect of what you will experience when using Italic Bookmarks. Italic Bookmarks can enhance the reading experience by involving tactile (touch) sensation, this study indicates that tactile sensation can be enhanced by reading… in both cases it demonstrates how reading and our senses are closely related.

This study has some big words, but in simple terms the researchers had their subjects read about different descriptions of items and textures, then they let them actually feel those items. The subjects reported that their sense of touch was enhanced and more specific after this type of conditioning or “preview” than when that was not included.

I hope you find the article interesting:

The fabric of thought: priming tactile properties during reading influences direct tactile perception. – PubMed – NCBI

Image result for touching a rough surface

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