Italic Bookmarks just got their very own, custom labels! They are pretty simple and straightforward, but the finished product looks very nice. I like the contrast that the simple design of the label provides to the unique patterns and texture of each bookmark. I am proud of this finished product.


Trolley Square gift market- Nov 19th

This weekend was an exciting one for Italic Bookmarks. We were chosen to be a vendor at the Trolley Square holiday gift market here in Salt Lake City. It is a seasonal art and craft market that is held each weekend from now until the week before Christmas. We had a simple, but elegant display with an amazing bookcase that I refinished myself in brown and metallic gold. 

 It was a great chance to speak with many people about these bookmarks and to get more of them in the hands of excited readers. The market lasted for eight hours, but the time really flew by. My son Jack helped me for the first few hours and he really enjoyed asking everyone that walked by if they wanted a bookmark. He was a pretty convincing salesman!

“italic” brand labels are in…

Today I received the custom labels that I designed and ordered a couple of weeks ago. They are clean and simple in design, but really cool! They give each bookmark a more “finished” look. It will be a great way to get the brand out into the world as people try these bookmarks for themselves. I feel pretty proud that this product is coming together… and I think it’s now complete. 

Italic Bookmarks at Trolley Square Gift Market – Nov 19th Only!


This will be a good opportunity to pick up Italic Bookmarks in time for the holiday season, and to find many other gift ideas. The market features many handmade, unique gifts and is located in Trolley Square. It will be a perfect holiday shopping opportunity, and a chance to beat the crowds that will be out in force in upcoming weeks! The market goes for a few more weekends, but Italic Bookmarks will only be there this Saturday Nov. 19th. Mention this post at the market and receive a free gift!

Italic Bookmarks


Pronunciation: /iˈtalik/


1 – Of the sloping kind of typeface used especially for emphasis or distinction

These unique bookmarks have been designed and selected specifically to enhance your reading experience. They are not only stylish, they also feature pronounced texture and thick fibers. The tactile sensation that you feel when holding these bookmarks will activate specific regions within your brain, that are not normally active while reading. These features are intended to help you become more completely immersed in what you are reading or learning. The additional distinction and emphasis that this can bring to your reading time is what prompted the name for the line of bookmarks, the website, and the company. You’ve got to try it. 

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