Celebrity Endorsements for Italic Bookmarks

I put together this gallery to showcase the outstanding support that our tactile bookmarks have been getting from Hollywood and various other celebrities. (All images are used without permission and are of course, not authentic. For entertainment only.)



Angelina Jolie

Terri Crews

Jessica Alba

Ryan Gosling

Miley Cyrus

Jack Black and Kate Hudson

Leo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg

Lady Gaga

New Bookmark Designs

Here they are! When all of our previous styles sold out suddenly, we first considered just producing more of the same designs. On second thought, however, the thing that drives us is the desire to create new and beautiful things that readers will enjoy. We decided to retire all of the past designs and come up with two brand new items! These items are currently in production, so we just have the art files to show off at this point, but these will soon be available to order through our home page. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

New Flower Bookmark: new flower proof

With the popularity of our previous floral designs, we had to make another flower bookmark. This pattern was created to show off the beautiful colors of our materials, and to incorporate some smaller details that add to the tactile element of the bookmark. You will love looking at and touching this bookmark!

Wake Up! Bookmark: kid design proof

We intended to create a design that middle grade and high school readers would find interesting and fun. We ended up with one of our coolest designs ever. This bookmark provides the tactile perception that makes these items unique through several small icons in a repeating pattern. The design is primarily black, white and red, but we added detail work in color to catch the eye as well. These make great gifts for any student or young reader that needs a little bit of encouragement reading, but is also a cool item for those you know who are already bookworms. Once you see the pattern and feel the texture, you will want one for yourself too.

If you would like to receive an update as soon as these items are available for order, just leave your contact info on our homepage: go to home page

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer – release today 03 Apr

This is one of the most anticipated reads of 2018. Popular novelist Meg Wolitzer is in the news today with the release of her new book. We loved the thoughts and review featured on NPR:

NPR Books – The Female Persuasion

We are so excited about the release of this book and the one of a kind artwork, that we based our newest bookmark design on the cover. Check out the preview below:

the female persuasion photo sample

These will be available soon in or online store along with our other popular styles. You can even pre-order here:

Italic Bookmarks – female angle bookmark

New Neuroscience Bookmarks – Embroidered Arrows

This is it! After over a year of product development and refinement, they’re finally perfect! This is the bookmark that will make you excited about buying a bookmark! They combine an awesome design with bright, beautiful colors. The most important part is the pronounced texture that stimulates tactile perception while you read.

Read more about the neuroscience of our bookmarks here.

Or hit the button below to pick one of these beauties up and try it for yourself:

Italic Bookmarks – New Flower Bookmark

This is our best design yet. A brighter, bolder patterns with an elegant touch, but still thin enough to easily fit between the pages of your favorite book. The embroidered flowers and stems provide a pronounced texture for enhanced tactile perception.


Neuroscience bookmark 2.0 – here in limited supply

This is it! The bookmark that will change the way you read. We took all of the feedback that our awesome customers have been giving us and made some major improvements to our one of a kind bookmarks. Our updated neuroscience bookmarks now hold their shape better and resist fraying on the edges. They still feature a pronounced texture to stimulate tactile perception, but we can now also offer a wider range of designs and more vibrant colors. This is the first design that we have put into production, but we hope to feature many more in the near future. This run is limited to just 100 bookmarks, so order yours right away!

Purchase Italic Bookmarks – Sunset

No More Miller.

We say goodbye to yet another of our favorite patterns. The grey, brown, and orange accent stripes of the Miller bookmark featured one of the thickest and most pronounced textures that we have offered. The style was inspired by author and playwright Arthur Miller (Death of a Salesman, The Crucible).

We sent out our last one earlier this week, but I was sure to keep one of these for myself. It is difficult to find patterns and styles that are just the right thickness, composition, and color but this was one of the first that we really loved. It will be hard to match this style, but we will keep our eyes open for an even better replacement to add to our line-up.

New Styles Inspired by Great Authors

O’Connor – We are excited to present this beautiful new pattern inspired by the work of Flannery O’Connor. It may be hard to tell from the pictures below, but the color is actually a rich bronze. Each of the white spots presents a different texture from the surrounding field in order to create a noticeable sensation.


Salinger – This fun, geometric pattern has neutral colors, but a very unique design aspect. The ridged lines reach have a slightly different texture, giving this a variety of tactile elements. This pattern is inspired by one of our favorite authors, J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye).


Dickens – This is a sleek, dressy black and grey bookmark. A more subtle texture with an emphasis on the diamond pattern. This was actually one of our first patterns to sell out, but we just discovered a reserve stash so they are back for a limited time.


Update (Jan 2019) – The items listed above are no longer available, but you can see our current selection and options through our home page or the link below: 

Purchase Italic Bookmarks

Sayonara! Our first two patterns to sell out… Dickinson and Austen

It is with mixed emotions that we announce the end of our stock for two of our very favorite bookmark patterns: Dickinson and Austen

The floral blue pattern was inspired by and dedicated to the work of Emily Dickinson was one of the very first patterns that we featured. The durable fabric resisted fraying and made an impression on many of our buyers. We will be searching diligently to find a replacement for this style.


Whimsical swirls were featured in this pattern which was another favorite among our customers. We were reminded by the beautiful, classic, and entertaining work of Jane Austen when we found this pattern. We were excited to bring this pattern into production in response to observations that some of the earlier designs looked like “old carpet” or “grandma’s couch”. Ha! This beautiful pattern helped to generate more excitement about our bookmarks.

Each of the items that we offer is limited in quantity. This helps to ensure that our bookmarks remain original and unique. It also allows us to continue the search for new designs and patterns. We will replace these two items with some new ones for you to try. Here is a quick preview of what is coming…


Family Christmas Gift Show – Salt Lake City

We are all set up and ready for the first day of the Family Christmas Gift Show in our home of Salt Lake City. Believe it or not, we are the only booth with neuroscience based textile bookmarks! We also happen to be the only booth with a Bookmark Christmas tree. Nobody else has one.