Italic Bookmarks at Product Powerup 2018

Thursday and Friday were well spent at the second installment of Product Powerup in Salt Lake City. This was the second year for this exciting and informative event. Guests of honor included Mitt Romney and several representatives of the HSN/QVC shopping network. Italic Bookmarks was invited to display and sell our unique products at theContinue reading “Italic Bookmarks at Product Powerup 2018”

Neuroscience bookmark 2.0 – here in limited supply

This is it! The bookmark that will change the way you read. We took all of the feedback that our awesome customers have been giving us and made some major improvements to our one of a kind bookmarks. Our updated neuroscience bookmarks now hold their shape better and resist fraying on the edges. They stillContinue reading “Neuroscience bookmark 2.0 – here in limited supply”

New Styles Inspired by Great Authors

O’Connor – We are excited to present this beautiful new pattern inspired by the work of Flannery O’Connor. It may be hard to tell from the pictures below, but the color is actually a rich bronze. Each of the white spots presents a different texture from the surrounding field in order to create a noticeableContinue reading “New Styles Inspired by Great Authors”

Italic Bookmarks @ Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show

We are excited to partner with Black Rabbit Arts at the Family Christmas Gift Show! Friday – Sunday November 10th – 12th, 2017 Talk about a jump start to the Holiday! This show will be amazing! There are vendors, artist, and performers of all kinds. The great thing about this show is that they areContinue reading “Italic Bookmarks @ Salt Lake Family Christmas Gift Show”

It’s too early to buy Christmas Gifts…

If you do your shopping now, you will miss out on frozen fingers, black ice, ridiculous crowds, impulse buys, and settling for whatever is left in the stores. You won’t have anything to do for the last few weeks before the holidays except sit in a warm house, surrounded by friends and family. You willContinue reading “It’s too early to buy Christmas Gifts…”