It’s too early to buy Christmas Gifts…

too early gift ad

If you do your shopping now, you will miss out on frozen fingers, black ice, ridiculous crowds, impulse buys, and settling for whatever is left in the stores. You won’t have anything to do for the last few weeks before the holidays except sit in a warm house, surrounded by friends and family. You will have too much time to read, enjoy your favorite movies, and go to various holiday parties.

Italic Bookmarks make the perfect, unique gift for the reader on your list. They are also great for people who travel frequently or like to take a book when they go on vacation. These bookmarks incorporate basic principles of neuroscience in order to enhance the reading experience. They will help you focus and avoid distractions, and can even create a deeper sense of “immersion” in whatever you are reading.

Just remember… it’s definitely too early to buy Christmas gifts.

But if you do… you can use this coupon to purchase through our Etsy shop with a discount:


or you can buy directly from our site with secure billing through PayPal:

Buy Direct from Italic Bookmarks

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I LOVE spending time with my wife and three kids. We work to play. We love the outdoors and being able to travel. Some of our favorite trips have been to Chicago, Boston, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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