New Styles Inspired by Great Authors

O’Connor – We are excited to present this beautiful new pattern inspired by the work of Flannery O’Connor. It may be hard to tell from the pictures below, but the color is actually a rich bronze. Each of the white spots presents a different texture from the surrounding field in order to create a noticeable sensation.


Salinger – This fun, geometric pattern has neutral colors, but a very unique design aspect. The ridged lines reach have a slightly different texture, giving this a variety of tactile elements. This pattern is inspired by one of our favorite authors, J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye).


Dickens – This is a sleek, dressy black and grey bookmark. A more subtle texture with an emphasis on the diamond pattern. This was actually one of our first patterns to sell out, but we just discovered a reserve stash so they are back for a limited time.


Each of these items is available to purchase directly through our website:

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