Italic Bookmarks at Product Powerup 2018

Thursday and Friday were well spent at the second installment of Product Powerup in Salt Lake City. This was the second year for this exciting and informative event. Guests of honor included Mitt Romney and several representatives of the HSN/QVC shopping network. Italic Bookmarks was invited to display and sell our unique products at theContinue reading “Italic Bookmarks at Product Powerup 2018”

Indies First Day – November 25th, 2017

Find yourself in an independent bookstore near you on November 25th to support Small Business Saturday. Indie bookstores are like people, each one unique and fascinating. Also, you can learn something new from each one you visit. These amazing places are some of the only businesses where you might walk in and find the ownerContinue reading “Indies First Day – November 25th, 2017”

New Packaging – the best yet

This is exciting news… (at least for us). We have been working with Duke Packaging to create a new custom package, and we just got them in today! This new package features a die cut window on the front and a diagram of your brain on the back. The window allows you to easily seeContinue reading “New Packaging – the best yet”

Wait… there’s more! New Bookmarks

There are two new styles of Italic Bookmarks available to purchase through our Etsy Store! I like the bright color of the Woolf, and I don’t want to put down the thick texture of the Stein.  Either of these will be a great addition to your “literary style” and will help enhance your reading experience.Continue reading “Wait… there’s more! New Bookmarks”

Italic Bookmarks – NEW and Ridiculously Good-Looking!

          There are three new bookmark patterns/styles available for the Italic Bookmarks line. These are each made of thick, durable upholstery material with pronounced textures and unique patterns and colors. All three will be available for purchase early next week through Etsy: Buy Italic Bookmarks