New Bookmark Designs

Here they are! When all of our previous styles sold out suddenly, we first considered just producing more of the same designs. On second thought, however, the thing that drives us is the desire to create new and beautiful things that readers will enjoy. We decided to retire all of the past designs and come up with two brand new items! These items are currently in production, so we just have the art files to show off at this point, but these will soon be available to order through our home page. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

New Flower Bookmark: new flower proof

With the popularity of our previous floral designs, we had to make another flower bookmark. This pattern was created to show off the beautiful colors of our materials, and to incorporate some smaller details that add to the tactile element of the bookmark. You will love looking at and touching this bookmark!

Wake Up! Bookmark: kid design proof

We intended to create a design that middle grade and high school readers would find interesting and fun. We ended up with one of our coolest designs ever. This bookmark provides the tactile perception that makes these items unique through several small icons in a repeating pattern. The design is primarily black, white and red, but we added detail work in color to catch the eye as well. These make great gifts for any student or young reader that needs a little bit of encouragement reading, but is also a cool item for those you know who are already bookworms. Once you see the pattern and feel the texture, you will want one for yourself too.

If you would like to receive an update as soon as these items are available for order, just leave your contact info on our homepage: go to home page

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