If you like brains…

I came across this page from an Emeritus Professor at California State University, Chico. Neuroanatomy basics   I found it interesting, and easy to understand. The Parietal Lobe seems to be most applicable for explaining how and why Italic Bookmarks work the way they do. It is part of a more extensive view of theContinue reading “If you like brains…”

Your Brain on Harry Potter

Scientific American – How our brains process books I found this article very interesting! Researchers mapped the brain function of several study participants while reading an exciting chapter from Harry Potter. The article discusses a particular observation that was made during this study: they observed that the areas of the brain that are active while readingContinue reading “Your Brain on Harry Potter”

The Bandwidth of Tactile Perception

This is a great resource that explains the various types of receptors, transmitters, sensor, processors that are all associated with our magnificent sense of touch. Each time you touch something, or feel a sensation on your skin, there is a lot more going on than you might realize. I found this site very helpful in better understandingContinue reading “The Bandwidth of Tactile Perception”

The Neuroscience Of Getting Things Done

This article is a lot of fun, and applicable to every day life. It provides insight into many situations that you might find yourself in on a daily basis. There is a cool neuroscience example called the “stroop test” in the article. The article was written by David Rock, founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute, andContinue reading “The Neuroscience Of Getting Things Done”

Reading can boost brain function, finds neuroscience research

I found this article very interesting and insightful. It is based on neuroscience research from Emory University to assess the “lingering neural effects of reading a narrative”. I really like that description. The study was performed using fMRI technology, which has proven to be a valuable tool in assessing brain activity. The article is pretty easyContinue reading “Reading can boost brain function, finds neuroscience research”