This is how Arnold gets PUMPED!!!

Everyone knows that reading is a great way to pass your time… Second only to pumping IRON!!! If you don’t read regularly, be sure to start light. You don’t want to overdo it if your brain is not used to the work. Gradually increase the number of minutes you spend reading each day and tryContinue reading “This is how Arnold gets PUMPED!!!”

Indies First Day – November 25th, 2017

Find yourself in an independent bookstore near you on November 25th to support Small Business Saturday. Indie bookstores are like people, each one unique and fascinating. Also, you can learn something new from each one you visit. These amazing places are some of the only businesses where you might walk in and find the ownerContinue reading “Indies First Day – November 25th, 2017”

Jason Reynolds – Long Way Down

I can’t wait to read this one! Jason Reynolds writes from a genuine and original perspective; one that is under-represented in the world of literature. He writes stories about the neighborhoods that he grew up in and the kinds of people that he grew up around. Reynolds is an inspiring figure of how books canContinue reading “Jason Reynolds – Long Way Down”

You Need a Digital Detox

Are you spending too much time looking at a screen? Probably. One of the primary reasons that I started reading more was to reduce the amount of time I spent drooling through endless, mediocre titles on Netflix night after night. I spent all day at work answering e-mail, then cam home to watch movies. AtContinue reading “You Need a Digital Detox”

Italic Bookmarks at the Texas Book Festival – Literary Gala

We are excited – no, Honored… to be a part of the Texas Book Festival in Austin. Italic Bookmarks will be donating several items for the Silent Auction taking place as part of the Literary Gala. Proceeds from the auction will go toward several great causes around the state of Texas. If you are inContinue reading “Italic Bookmarks at the Texas Book Festival – Literary Gala”

2017 was the year that I…

It’s 2017. What have you done so far? Five years from now, when you look back on 2017, what will you remember? What have you accomplished this year that will change or improve the course of your life? Did you graduate? Did you earn your first $1 million? Did you meet someone new? There areContinue reading “2017 was the year that I…”

Silent Book Club

Here is an interesting new spin on the traditional book club… You meet periodically with a group of friends, and new acquaintances to discuss your favorite books, etc. but the majority of each meeting is spent simply reading. You don’t have to worry about any of the challenges that people sometimes experience with a traditionalContinue reading “Silent Book Club”

NPR: More than a bookstore…

A story this morning on NPR highlights various approaches that bookstores around the country are taking to maintain interest in physical bookstores. I was most interested to learn that, despite predictions for the last few years, print is still outselling digital. The article highlights some of the ways that independent and chain bookstores have beenContinue reading “NPR: More than a bookstore…”