This is how Arnold gets PUMPED!!!

Arnold reading

Everyone knows that reading is a great way to pass your time… Second only to pumping IRON!!!

If you don’t read regularly, be sure to start light. You don’t want to overdo it if your brain is not used to the work. Gradually increase the number of minutes you spend reading each day and try more challenging material when you feel ready. Before you know it your brain will be massive and beautiful like Arnold’s biceps. You will be admired by everyone around you (at least at book club) and you will feel confidence in your ability to lift heavy things (with your mind). You will find that you can conquer the toughest literary  challenges with ease. Guaranteed!

Remember to read what you like. Find a time that works for you. Set a timer if it helps. Put away your phone and avoid other distractions. Keep your back straight and always lift with your legs. Share this post with your friends who want to get ripped!

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