Wanna get paid in bookmarks?!?!?!

Do you have a short story that we can publish on our website? We love to feature great writing on our site devoted to those who love reading. If you have an original, remarkable, and/or insightful short story that we can include on our site please contact us. We will feature works of 1,000 wordsContinue reading “Wanna get paid in bookmarks?!?!?!”

Stefen Chow on Medium – bring your toddler for a mini adventure

My favorite story this week is actually from a little over a year ago. The author is Stefen Chow, “father, photographer and mountaineer from China. I came across the story on Medium. com, a site/source/app recently that features stories, articles and opinions from around the world. The story is simple and short, but the purposeContinue reading “Stefen Chow on Medium – bring your toddler for a mini adventure”

Do Not Neglect a Gunlocke- 800 words

Pulling, twisting, turning, ripping. Dust fills the workspace, and the smell of cat urine makes the air unbreathable. Pliers, a hammer, and a flat screwdriver break bones, tear tendons, and remove foam and cotton fill from the chair that I adopted from Wendy at work. I wipe sweat from my forehead and pry up sharpContinue reading “Do Not Neglect a Gunlocke- 800 words”

El Candido (short non-fiction)

This is a short story that i wrote recently about an awesome trip that we took down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico about seven years ago. We drove for about 30 hours down the peninsula with my wife’s sister and brother-in-law, and had several adventures along the way. This story is about a particular “challenge”Continue reading “El Candido (short non-fiction)”

Candy Canes are Crimson – short horror

This is a short story that i just submitted for a writing competition. The requirement was a horror story under 1,000 words with the theme – “Red Xmas”. I hope you enjoy it.  Candy Canes are Crimson Each Christmas I find it more difficult to decide what I want. Many people get completely wrapped upContinue reading “Candy Canes are Crimson – short horror”