Stefen Chow on Medium – bring your toddler for a mini adventure

My favorite story this week is actually from a little over a year ago. The author is Stefen Chow, “father, photographer and mountaineer from China. I came across the story on Medium. com, a site/source/app recently that features stories, articles and opinions from around the world.

The story is simple and short, but the purpose is profound. I loved the perspective on fatherhood, and the pictures were fantastic.

“We ended up cycling along the eastern coast of Taiwan, hung out with baby animals in a farm, went onto boats of fishermen, chased for trains, climbed hills and sheltering together from a storm and had more giggles than tantrums.”

Read the article on Medium at this link – Stefen Chow on Medium

I hope you enjoy the article. Be sure to follow Stefen on Social Media as well… he has many other stories, adventures, and photographs that will move you.


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