Wait… there’s more! New Bookmarks

There are two new styles of Italic Bookmarks available to purchase through our Etsy Store! I like the bright color of the Woolf, and I don’t want to put down the thick texture of the Stein.  Either of these will be a great addition to your “literary style” and will help enhance your reading experience. Click on the links below to see more, or to buy now. Each of these patterns is inspired by a famous author:

Gertrude Stein

Virginia Woolf


We will donate $1 to the Books for Keeps charity for each bookmark that is sold.

Updated Contact Page


Check it out! We just updated our contact page on the Italic Bookmarks website. We have made it easier to request a complimentary bookmark through the site. Just check the box! We will send you one of our favorite styles, or you can choose one you like from the gallery. These bookmarks are so unique because they will help you to avoid distractions, stay focused, and even feel more immersed in whatever you are reading. The coolest part is that they actually work!

Updated Contact Page

You can also use the contact page to submit ideas that you have for short stories or articles to be featured on our site. You can ask questions, or let us know if you are interested in selling Italic Bookmarks in your store or through your own website.

Diet and Brain Function

If you enjoy food, brains, and lots of acronyms for various neuromodulating protein complexes then you will love this article. Actually, the thing that I like most about this article is that it condenses several complex studies of brain function into a few paragraphs that are relatively easy to understand. There are links included to several of these studies that quickly dive into complex neuroscience, but there are also several diagrams that help to visualize the basis for the conclusions of the article.

Brain foods: the effects of nutrients on brain function

The take home message: Fat is bad, fatty acids are good. Go gettem! Enjoy a nice piece of fish whenever you are able to. Your brain will thank you.

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This Is Your Brain on Jane Austen: The Neuroscience of Reading Great Literature


I found this article and the cited research from Michigan State University very informative. It addresses different areas of activation within the brain during reading for pleasure, and reading technical information.

It also mentions the principle of “cognitive training”, in this case being able to shift focus effectively and completely between various items or tasks. This principle is closely related to the function and intent of Italic Bookmarks.

I hope you enjoy it:

This Is Your Brain on Jane Austen: The Neuroscience of Reading Great Literature | Open Culture


East of Eden vs. Brothers Karamazov – HELP!

I have been feeling ambitious lately… I have heard so much about both of these novels for as long as I can remember. Both are epic, sweeping, works of classic literature. Each has been proclaimed to be the “BEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN” by numerous sources. My goal is to finish one of these two books before the end of 2017… but which one??? HELP!!!

Here are the STATS: Continue reading

Wanna get paid in bookmarks?!?!?!

Do you have a short story that we can publish on our website? We love to feature great writing on our site devoted to those who love reading. If you have an original, remarkable, and/or insightful short story that we can include on our site please contact us. We will feature works of 1,000 words or less. You can submit your work directly at this link:

Submit a Story

      We will pay you in bookmarks and admiration. Generally people prefer cash, but we are not nearly as picky as other sites that pay in cash. We will publish just about anything. Many writers would argue that bookmarks are much better than cash anyway.

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Stefen Chow on Medium – bring your toddler for a mini adventure

My favorite story this week is actually from a little over a year ago. The author is Stefen Chow, “father, photographer and mountaineer from China. I came across the story on Medium. com, a site/source/app recently that features stories, articles and opinions from around the world.

The story is simple and short, but the purpose is profound. I loved the perspective on fatherhood, and the pictures were fantastic.

“We ended up cycling along the eastern coast of Taiwan, hung out with baby animals in a farm, went onto boats of fishermen, chased for trains, climbed hills and sheltering together from a storm and had more giggles than tantrums.”

Read the article on Medium at this link – Stefen Chow on Medium

I hope you enjoy the article. Be sure to follow Stefen on Social Media as well… he has many other stories, adventures, and photographs that will move you.


2017 was the year that I…


It’s 2017. What have you done so far? Five years from now, when you look back on 2017, what will you remember? What have you accomplished this year that will change or improve the course of your life? Did you graduate? Did you earn your first $1 million? Did you meet someone new?

There are many things that I will remember from 2017. We took our kids to Mazatlan, Mexico… We got to see the total solar eclipse…  We visited Glacier National Park for the first time, and it took our breath away.

The accomplishment that I am most proud of is reading more books in 2017 than I ever have read in a year. I determined late 2016 that I wanted to spend at least as much time reading books as I do watching Netflix. It was difficult at first, but I found myself choosing more frequently to spend an evening reading with my wife rather than automatically turning on the television. Did I meet the goal of reading as much as I watch television? Unfortunately no, but I have been close. I was able to cut the amount of television I watch in half, and I have read 19 books this year. I usually only get through four or five. I have learned that when you find a really great goal it will begin to change your life and make a difference as you start working on it… you don’t have to wait until you complete it to see results.

Does this sound like the type of article you would normally read in late December, or early January? Why post this now?

Consider this… there are 4 months left in 2017. There are so many things that you can accomplish within 4 months if you dedicate your time and effort to it now! There may be some limits on what is practical to complete within the year, but there is no limit to the things that you could start! A Master’s Degree is out of reach for 2017 unless you are already almost finished… but signing up for a program is something you could still accomplish. Writing a book before the end of the year might not be a possibility… but starting a book certainly is! If you find that four months is not sufficient to accomplish your goals, this year can still be remembered as the year that you begin one of your most significant achievements.

Here are some examples:

1 – About this time last year, I decided that I would start writing a novel before the end of 2016. I found a topic, began thinking of my story, and I wrote the first chapter before the year was over. It might not seem like much, but I was able to finally start on a goal that I have put off for one reason or another for quite some time. After working on the story throughout this year, now I have a very achievable goal of completing it before the end of 2017. Four more months to go. (Now I can begin the equally challenging task of finding someone to read it.)Magnetism2 – I have wanted to visit Japan for a long time. There has not been time (or money) to make this trip a reality in 2017, and it is not realistic before the end of the year. Instead, decided to start learning Japanese. With the help of online resources, podcasts, and audio books from our local library I have learned many basic phrases and some simple conversations. I listen to the audio courses every day on the way to and from work. I am excited to learn more, and find opportunities to practice speaking with people… hopefully in Japan! I will remember 2017 as the year that I started learning Japanese!


Take some time today to think about what you have done this year. Try to identify what else you want to accomplish before the end of the year, and write it down. For anything on your to-do list that will take longer than four months to complete, make a goal to at least get started before the end of the year.

The important thing is to consider what you CAN do, instead of what you CAN’T. Be brave, be dedicated, be excited!

2017 is your year!

Pictures of Famous Authors

When reading a great novel or short story we all create a mental picture of the main characters from the description and details that the author gives us. When I read a book, I can’t help but form a mental picture of the author as well. Have you ever been surprised when you come across an actual picture of one of your favorite authors and they look nothing like how you imagined them?

I discovered a great website recently  that highlights about 250 of the world’s most famous authors. There are pictures, and other information in an easy to find, fun to navigate format. (FamousAuthors.org)

How many of these famous writers can you name?

(Click or Hover over each picture when you are ready to see the name)

Let’s start with a few easy ones:

These are much trickier:  Continue reading