Utah Authors and Poets – published in 2018

This stack highlights just a few of my favorite authors and poets from Utah who were published in 2018. There are some truly great and moving pieces in this stack. It is cool to see the work of people from my home state.




Kafka on the Shore – Book Review

I finished Kafka on the Shore yesterday… but it was not my favorite. It might be a matter of having expectations too high, but I was disappointed. There were certainly elements of the story that I absolutely loved: an old man who can speak with cats, a truck driver who becomes a reluctant disciple, a boy who finds a secret portal to another world deep in the woods. There were however, several parts of the story that I didn’t care for: some points of the story that did not have an apparent purpose, a few characters that I didn’t care for, but mostly the strange, confusing sexual encounters throughout the book.
I would suggest that you to read Haruki Murakami, just don’t start with this one.

Visual Book Review – Strange Weather

Here is another visual book review for Strange Weather by Joe Hill. I read this book mid 2018, but it has wedged itself permanently in my mind. It is great!

Miss Subways – David Duchovny

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Yes, THAT David Duchovny. Yes, he is a writer too. Yes, it’s actually good. I thought it was great in fact. An adaptation of an ancient Irish folk story, retold in modern day New York City. A woman must choose between watching her partner die, or having his memory of her erased. If you like CIRCE by Madeline Miller, you will probably like this one too.

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Miss Subways: A Novel
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Misery by Stephen King. I creating a story that is both horrific and profound is a remarkable accomplishment. Stephen King uses this kidnapped and tortured novelist to say so much about the craft. I love the insights on writing and storytelling that abound in this terrifying book.

Annie Wilkes makes a truly scary villain, yet we grow attached to her in some ways.

King dedicates the perfect amount of time for contemplation interspersed between the scenes of torture and abuse inflicted upon the main character.

Axes, blowtorches, and rat traps make this book exciting, but the more subtle elements of the plot make it truly one of a kind. I will forever remember reading the excerpts from the manuscript that Paul Sheldon is forced to write on a broken typewriter; the letter “n” is filled in continuously in handwritten scrawl because the key is missing from the typewriter. Amazing work!

Misery – Stephen King


Misery – Stephen King

A writer is rescued by one of his fans, but he quickly realizes that he would rather be dead than in the care of Annie Wilkes.

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Misery: A Novel



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No Country For Old Men – Cormac McCarthy

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No Country For Old Men – Cormac McCarthy

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A man discovers a large amount of cash after stumbling upon a drug deal that went bad. He is then pursued relentlessly by a mercenary determined to recover the money, leaving a trail of destruction and blood in their path along the border towns of Southern Texas and Mexico.

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No Country for Old Men (Vintage International)



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Bearskin – James McLaughlin


Bearskin – James McLaughlin

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Bearskin: A Novel



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