The Best Bookstore in Every State

The Best Bookstore in Every State (and D.C.)

We are excited to soon make Italic Bookmarks available through select independent bookstores around the country. Each bookstore you visit tends to have it’s own unique features and personality. Some are elegant and clean, while others are cluttered by beautiful stacks of books everywhere you turn. You will always find an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.  Some stores may feature only a small, but carefully curated selection of titles, but most have more reading material than you could ever hope to get through in a lifetime. You will typically encounter several other book-lovers searching the shelves for their next treasure. Behind every independent bookstore are dedicated owners and knowledgeable employees, passionate about providing great books to their community.

I discovered an article that features the Best Bookstore in Every State that are all examples of why we love independent bookstores. While any list is subjective, this one is interesting because it is based on recommendations and reviews on Yelp, posted by thousands of visitors, rather than just the preferences of a few people.

Real Simple: The Best Bookstore in Every State

And in case you like a second opinion:

PureWow: The Best Bookstores in America

You can use these lists to find gems in your state, or when you travel to find the must-see locations near your destination. You will be sure to find a unique space, and there is a good chance that you will discover your next “all-time favorite” book.

Which of these stores have you visited? Are there any notable locations that didn’t make the list?

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