Underground Airlines – Ben Winters

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It’s Cold Outside. It will be a great weekend for reading (indoors to be specific). If you need a good story to get started on, try this one. Its a thriller/mystery, set in a modern world where slavery is still legal in a few specific states. Imagine the slave plantations of the Old South, brought up to modern day standards. There are policies and oversight committees in place to ensure that “workers” are treated humanely, yet punishments like electrocution and sensory deprivation are acceptable when deemed appropriate.

The setting of the novel was intriguing and presented in a very plausible way, but what I appreciated most was that the plot had enough twists and turns and excitement to keep me interested and made me want to keep reading for hours each time i picked up the book.

For more details and background about the author, here is the New York Times review:

NY Times – Underground Airlines Review

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