Misery by Stephen King. I creating a story that is both horrific and profound is a remarkable accomplishment. Stephen King uses this kidnapped and tortured novelist to say so much about the craft. I love the insights on writing and storytelling that abound in this terrifying book.

Annie Wilkes makes a truly scary villain, yet we grow attached to her in some ways.

King dedicates the perfect amount of time for contemplation interspersed between the scenes of torture and abuse inflicted upon the main character.

Axes, blowtorches, and rat traps make this book exciting, but the more subtle elements of the plot make it truly one of a kind. I will forever remember reading the excerpts from the manuscript that Paul Sheldon is forced to write on a broken typewriter; the letter “n” is filled in continuously in handwritten scrawl because the key is missing from the typewriter. Amazing work!

Misery – Stephen King

misery.pngMisery – Stephen King

A writer is rescued by one of his fans, but he quickly realizes that he would rather be dead than in the care of Annie Wilkes.

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The Shining – Stephen King

the shining.jpg

The Shining – Stephen King

If you are looking for a haunting, creepy read that isn’t overboard with gore you can’t do any better than The Shining by Stephen King. A great read any time of year, but try reading it in the winter and you will feel your walls closing in around you.

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Pictures of Famous Authors

When reading a great novel or short story we all create a mental picture of the main characters from the description and details that the author gives us. When I read a book, I can’t help but form a mental picture of the author as well. Have you ever been surprised when you come across an actual picture of one of your favorite authors and they look nothing like how you imagined them?

I discovered a great website recently  that highlights about 250 of the world’s most famous authors. There are pictures, and other information in an easy to find, fun to navigate format. (FamousAuthors.org)

How many of these famous writers can you name?

(Click or Hover over each picture when you are ready to see the name)

Let’s start with a few easy ones:

These are much trickier:  Continue reading