How It’s Made: Italic Bookmarks

It was a cold weekend here in Salt Lake City, home of Italic Bookmarks. It actually worked in our favor though and we were able to catch up on production to meet some big orders due at the end of the month. Word is getting around about Italic Bookmarks and there is a lot of excitement about these cool, neuroscience bookmarks. We continue to receive more orders each week and it is really exciting to hear how much people love them! Jack decided he wanted in on the action, so he sat down to make a few of his own bookmarks. He says that he is going to give them to kids in his class that need help with reading. Jack is really getting into the mission of giving back, and it is fun to see him dedicated to a good cause. You can learn more about our co-founder Jack here.

making bookmarks 3

making bookmarks 2

making bookmarks 6