Italic Bookmarks

This unique line of bookmarks serve their most important purpose while your book is open!

Italic Bookmarks are made of thick, upholstery weight material with pronounced textures. They will enhance your reading experience through basic principles of neuroscience, and they make excellent gifts. Italic Bookmarks users report being able to avoid distractions while reading, feeling more focused, and even an enhanced sense of immersion in the books that they read.

brain diagram revised

Neuroscience behind Italic Bookmarks

Our mission is to generate excitement for books and reading in general, but we are also dedicated to giving back. With the purchase of each Italic Bookmark, we donate one dollar to a charity that promotes reading in an underserved community. We currently partner with Books For Keeps, which turns each dollar into one book for a child in need.


Giving Back – More than just a Bookmark 

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4 thoughts on “Italic Bookmarks

  1. When I am able to buy you bookmarks I sooo will. They are so pretty. I could just stare at them for days and days. I hope you are having a good day 🙂


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