Italic Bookmarks

Thanks for visiting the Italic Bookmarks website. Most bookmarks do their job while your book is closed, but these ones also serve a purpose while the book is open…

There are a few things here on the site that I think you will really enjoy:

about italic bookmarks – Discover what makes these bookmarks unique and exciting.

textures/patterns/styles – View the entire line of Italic Bookmarks. Check out the vibrant colors, and unique patterns that make these bookmarks special. Most of these are available for purchase @ italic bookmarks – etsy shop

short stories – This is a collection of creative short stories (~500 words each). Comments and thoughts are encouraged. You can submit your own short stories to be posted by adding them to the comment field on any page.

neuroscience – Learn about brains and the science behind Italic Bookmarks. I have selected articles that are fairly quick and simple to get through, and lots of pictures.

request a bookmark – Submit a short story or leave a comment for a post and I will send you a thank you gift. (spoiler alert: the gift is a bookmark!)

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