Why textiles?


plural noun: textiles
  1. 1.a type of cloth or woven fabric.
    “a fascinating range of pottery, jewelry, and textiles”
    synonyms: fabric, cloth, material

Italic bookmarks are different from any ordinary bookmark. These bookmarks are made out of various textiles for many important reasons. Here are a few reasons why woven fabrics are the best:

Weight and Strength – textiles are strong, resilient, and long-lasting. They are the only materials suitable for many specialized applications that require extreme strength and durability. They are much lighter than other materials like dense plastic or heavy metals. The structure and substance of textiles can be modified to fit their intent.

History and Significance – they have been around longer than paper, and most other materials. They have supported and covered people from every ancient civilization. They are an important part of past and present cultures around the world.

Style – they have specific design and creativity in their structure and patterns. There is infinite possibility in their designs, patterns, textures and variations. Textiles can be plain and functional, or artistic and extravagant… or both.

Italic bookmarks are intended not only to enhance your reading experience, but also to enhance your individuality and style!


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