Italic bookmarks are the first bookmarks specifically created to enhance your experience and involvement while reading. Each bookmark features a prominent textural component. Tactile perception of these textures while reading will enhance brain activity in the corresponding areas of the brain. This additional brain activity can lead the reader to feel an enhanced sense of involvement or “immersion” in the material they are reading. Checkout the “neuroscience” section of the website for applicable studies and additional information.

Most bookmarks do their job during the time when there is not actually any reading taking place. Italic bookmarks serve their most important function once the reader opens the book.

In addition to the textural component, each bookmark brings a unique style. Many of the products feature bold colors or eye-catching patterns. Some of the options are timeless, others are quirky. There is a bookmark to match every mood.

Italic bookmarks are selected, created, and distributed by a lifelong reader. I wanted to create something that would inspire people to spend more time enriching their lives and expanding their minds by reading the motivational, innovative, life-changing,and exciting stories and literature that is out there. I hope that i have created something that you can enjoy yourself, and have as a great gift to give those around you that love to read.

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